Classical approaches consider organisations as liveless machines where the leader manipulates the mechanism towards the sum of the parts at best.

But organisations are not dead and can be more than the sum of the parts.

Servant leadership considers organisations as dynamic living organisms that can blossom towards more than the sum of the parts if the leader nurtures it well.

Then both employees and profits will do well.


It is my mission to help find meaning and direction in increasingly dynamic, uncertain and confusing times, by coaching/mentoring on personal growth and leadership



Examples of specific topics could be:

  • Personal growth and transformation – leadership and finding your own personal style

  • Organisational transformation, change management and strategic workforce planning

  • Executive and/or middle-management coaching

  • Mid-life/mid-career coaching and/or work/life balance

  • Meaning & purpose in life – grand strategy

  • Business politics and how to deal with it


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